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Open Thread: Game 81 (Florida Marlins at Oakland Athletics)

Welcome to the halfway mark of the season! I wish for a better second half.

Here's hoping to add on the Marlins' tough month (nothing personal Florida, but when we can't win any games either, every win is a valued commodity) as the A's take on the Florida Marlins again tonight in the Coliseum. I don't think it's raining (feel free to correct me if you live there, and not here, where it is a balmy 80 degrees and sunny and gorgeous), so the game might actually start on time.

Guillermo Moscoso will try to equal his specatular start from Friday night, in which he carried a no-hitter into the sixth inning, finishing with seven amazing innings; allowing two hits and no runs. Of course, the A's offense couldn't get him the win, or even win the game themselves, but he really did pitch well.

Just in case you are suffering from delusions of offense, here is what says about our homerun drought:

The home run is a necessary element to a club's offense in today's game, but the A's are suffering through a low point in power. Oakland is on pace to hit the fewest home runs in the franchise's modern history. The A's 41 home runs are the fewest in all of baseball, putting them on pace to hit just 85. That number would fall short of the 1968 A's, who hit 94 home runs. The lack of power coincides with the club's AL-worst .234 batting average.

Just a wild guess, but I think that might be why we have lost some games this year. Hell, it's amazing that we're within shouting distance of first place, but we actually are. In fact, if the A's could find a way to build a makeshift offense for the remaining 81 games, they could do the unthinkable, and compete for the division. But it's one game at a time around here, and the A's need to win the series against the Marlins, preferably tonight. The A's offense will try to hit Ricky Nolasco. Emphasis on "try". And "hit".

Ever-reliable Baseball Press has the lineups up just for me:

Was Chris Carter kidnapped in Philadelphia? I mean, really; why bother calling him up?