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Open Thread: Game 80 (Florida Marlins at Oakland Athletics)

I've got good news.

The first piece of good news? We're back in an American League ballpark, which means we don't have to torture ourselves by watching Gio Gonzalez bat tonight (no offense, Gio). And the other piece of good news? Oakland's opponent, the Florida Marlins, have won a grand total of, count 'em, 3 games in June. No, seriously. They've lost 22 this month. Let's make it 25, shall we?

Facing the Marlins tonight is starter Gio Gonzalez (6-5, 2.59 ERA), who is most likely looking at being Oakland's lone representative in the All-Star Game next month. Opposing him is Javier Vazquez (4-7, 6.37 ERA), who has run into quite a bit of trouble after being a surprise Cy Young candidate with Atlanta in 2009. The Marlins are reeling, and I'm betting that they won't fare so well against the A's at home.


Oh, LoMo. Just three more days.


2B Weeks
SS Pennington
CF Crisp
DH Matsui
1B Jackson
LF Sweeney
C Suzuki
RF DeJesus
3B Sizemore