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Open Thread: Game 77 (A's at Phillies)

(waves at all the ANers in Philly) Root hard! I'll expect to hear "Let's Go Oak-land" chants through the television. I'll join you tomorrow!

The A's try to regain the winning momentum of the last week after two tough losses in their last two games. It goes without saying that this is not the team you want to face when you are trying to win ballgames. Although, if there is a silver lining to tonight's game, it's that the A's offense is facing Vance Worley. It's not so much of who he is; it's more of who he's not, and out of all the Philly's starters, he's the one you'd probably want to see. (Disclaimer: That doesn't mean the A's offense can score a run, either.) Guillermo Moscoso will be taking the mound for the A's, as he laughs in the face of the ridiculous series match-ups.

This is a tough series, and it's only going to get tougher. The A's could do a lot to boost morale by getting a win out of the gate today, because Saturday and Sunday will be no picnic.

Here are your lineups: