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Open Thread: Game 75 (Oakland Athletics at New York Mets)

Tarp off; game on!
Game thread, here we go! When is the last time you were excited for a game thread like this one? Riding a six-game winning streak, our green and gold (with emphasis on the GOLD) will take the field tonight behind Gio Gonzalez, trying to win lucky number seven and creep to within a five-game shouting distance of the elusive temptress, .500. One can only hope that Gio Gonzalez is feeling as poorly as his last time out; where he recorded a win despite having the flu.

The A's offense, minus one Daric Barton and one Mark Ellis, and still missing Willingham, will try and solve the mystery of R. A. Dickey and his wily knuckleball.

You want lineups? We've got lineups: