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Open Thread: Game 71 - Battle of the Bay (A's vs. Giants)

About all that is going to cure the malady of this month is for the A's to keep winning. Having won their first series since the early middle ages with wins on Wednesday and Thursday, the A's are poised to win their third game in a row. When you have been in as deep a hole as we have been, all you really can concentrate on is one game at a time. That one game is tonight.

The A's are at a significant disadvantage in tonight's game. Yes, Lincecum is starting, and although he has had his own struggles this season, he is lights-out against the A's, going 5-0 with a 1.17 ERA and three complete games. That's one problem. The other problem--and it's the most frustrating to me of anything else that the A's have going against them--is that the A's can't play in front of big home crowds. There, I said it. Every single time the A's pack the house for a big game lately (and it's not often), they look like a circus. And tonight will be big; there are rumors it's near a sell-out. Oh, and did I mention that the A's are throwing Graham Godfrey?

Expect the media to be out in full-force for the next few games; Matsui is poised to hit career homerun #500. I hope he hits it tonight. With three A's on the bases.

Here are your lineups (thanks BaseballPress!)

Sounds like some runs! Or a run!