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Open Thread: Game 68 (Kansas City Royals at Oakland Athletics)

Last time around, the A's took two of three against the Royals in the beginning of May. We're now in the beginning of June, and, well, the team is looking a bit different than it did one month ago. New manager, new second baseman, new third baseman, and a huge helping of new starting pitchers.

Thankfully, the injury fill-ins aren't going to pitch much this series. Trevor Cahill (6-4, 3.18 ERA) will start tonight, with Josh Outman and Gio Gonzalez to follow on Wednesday and Thursday. The Royals are starting top prospect Danny Duffy (0-2, 5.55 ERA), with Luke Hochevar and Jeff Francis in the next two days. Duffy hasn't had good time in the majors so far, but his outstanding minors stats paint a picture of a long career, once he figures it out. Let's hope tonight is not that night.

Manager Bob Melvin's lineup features some good (Matsui at 3), some bad (Barton's slow march down the order, which sadly is very defensible at this point) and some inexplicable (a sub-.300 wOBA hitter in one of the most important lineup spots at 2, and our best hitter not named Josh Willingham sitting yet again). Seriously, David DeJesus must have stepped on Melvin's puppy or something, because he hasn't played a full game since last Thursday, Bob Melvin's first day. He also batted 8th that day. I don't get it.

First pitch is at 7:05 PM.

Lineup:CF Crisp
SS Pennington
DH Matsui
LF Willingham
RF Jackson
3B Sizemore
C Suzuki
1B Barton
2B Weeks