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Open Thread - Game 65: Oakland A's at Chicago White Sox

Well, since we've lost 10 in a row, it would only seem fair to reverse the trend and start a winning streak with our new Bob. Of course, the team needs to agree, and so far, the offense and pitching don't seem to agree with anything except creative and not-so-creative ways to lose games.

You know it's bad when you are listening to the previous day's broadcast and the announcer says, "Tomorrow's pitching match-up will feature Edwin Jackson against Graham Godfrey" and you think for a minute, wait which one is ours? Ours happens to be Graham Godfrey, who in addition to sounding like a character from Harry Potter, will be making his Major League Debut against the White Sox. In his first nine starts in Triple-A, he's racked up a 7-1 record. Hey, that's just like Cahill...oh wait. Remember April? That was fun.

Here are your lineups from Baseball Press: