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QOTM Friday - Because We Already Fired Geren

Good morning, and Happy Friday! This is the day the A's break their 10 game losing streak and start winning some ballgames. Hey, it's worked before! My last words of Wednesday's recap were "Billy, you can fire him now", and look how that turned out. I really should use this gift more for personal gain.

Unless you've been on AN since the early days (and I know there are some of you), you might have missed the very first set of QOTM's (otherwise known as Quote of the Month), dating back to 2005. When I was doing a search for this year's QOTM, I came across this archive, which cracked me up. There's not a lot of laughing lately on AN, so I thought I'd take you on a blast from the past, followed by some current gems. It's really interesting to read the quips from seasons past; the former AN commenters talking about former players makes for quite the social experiment six years later.

Want to catch up?


QOTM - MAY 2005

QOTM - JUNE 2005

QOTM - JULY 2005





QOTM - MAY 2006


Do you want some current laughs? Read on, or post your own in the thread.

To get things started, Jeff from Lookout Landing FTW:

In light of the Bob Geren news, Brian Fuentes’ record now moves to 2-7

And now...on with the show!

LoneStranger: Did you bring him to the South Pole with you?
elcroata: No, but I could bring some of the current A's and leave them there against a small fee…
LoneStranger: "Um, yea, it's a road-trip, Matsui. To the South. Deep South. Uh... Deeper South."
elcroata: Would be a cool conversation:
Matsui: I’m kind of scared of this place
Me: Imagine how it’s gonna be for me returning all alone!

Trystan Magnuson
Sounds like a name from a Viking saga
Should be throwing hammers instead of sinkers

paradox: [sigh] I have to go soon, go to the hospital
Please be well, gentle people, at least there is the sun and California.
Leopold Bloom: hospital?
iglew: He's a pair of docs. That's where they work.

danmerqury: WOW. Balfour getting the save op. So much for Fuentes being the interim closer.
thewhizkid: I betcha it's closer by committee
GreenNGoldSooner:Fine by me. Especially if Fuentes’s job on the committee is to sit on the bench and take notes.
Nico: "Minutes from the last save opportunity...Balfour got 3 outs..."

OakA'sHoney: (looking on map to see where the hell arkansas is)
Mr. Brian: It's between Oklahoma and the 1950's

PL78: Its easy to win with Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz. Put those 2 guys on our team and we’re in 1st place too.
WaddellCanseco : Well we might have to give up Keith Ginter and Ryan Goleski for that to happen.

More QOTM, after the jump...

streetisclosedin08: Poor Matsui translator, Korach asked a 10 minute question
stranahanahan: He's gotta have one of the coolest jobs though, really
OldhamA: Gotta be awkward ordering all that porn though.

emperor nobody: The A's need to start stepping out on .500 and cheat on her with .775
.500, she’s always "glass half-empty" anyway… whatever she gives you she just takes away in some other fashion and you never get anywhere with her. If I were the A’s I’d explore my other options and if all goes well I’d make my move on .775 and see if i can’t move in with her. The sooner they kick .500 to the curb the happier we’ll all be cuz it’s just no fun to date bipolar people like that, they’re always up and down and up and down.
I wish these ladies weren’t always so concerned with money and income, though. You look at that .775 and she’s always hanging around the teams with all the cash, trying to get next to them…. why doesn’t she ever wanna go out with a fella from the wrong side of the tracks like the A’s? What do A-Rod and Roy Halladay have that we don’t? She’s a status seeker but if we ever wanna move up in the world we have to go after her and make her ours.
PDXAthleticsfan: .775 is way out of our league
Remember, 10 years ago, when we were dating .625? And that great, never-leave-the-bed-except-to-go-to-the-bathroom, three week tryst with 1.000? Those were great times. Well, we could never take .625 all the way, so she dumped us for those a-holes down south. Sure, we might date .775 for a couple of weeks, but not for much longer.
Maybe we’d prefer the stability that comes with the 18-year relationship with .400 that those guys in Pittsburgh had. Sure, it ain’t exciting, but at least you know what you’re getting.

Nico: Given how much Porcello sounds like a mushroom, it’s almost fair to say we were overcome by coke and ’shrooms in that series.
emperor nobody: so you're saying we're going to have a problem with this Dan Heroin I keep hearing so much about?

The Debut of Al Albuquerque

baseballgirl: PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!
GreenNGoldSooner: I think you mean: Praise DeLord!

Englishmajor: "11, 12, 13, 14, and 15..." That’s how old Trevor will look during each year of his contract.

OldhamA: Good. Now we just need to platoon Kouz and LaRoche.
LaRoche should start when the A’s are playing baseball, with Kouzmanoff starting on off days.

Leopold Bloom: man, seeing Chavez in that Yankees uniform is like seeing your sister naked.

kbailey3131: Sit down Isles of Langerhans

ozzman99: I'm following on Gameday. What the hell is “Nasty Factor” and how is it calculated?
: how much of Matsui's porn collection they've watched

athletics68: 20 game streak anyone?
TBRMKane: It’s headed that way…
franks a lot: This is a great promotional tool for the relase of the Moneyball movie

Kyli: Shot on Newbob in the dugout: His thoughts, “What the f*** did I sign up for?!”
: "good thing I'm only renting"
Leopold Bloom:
LOL, maybe HE insisted on the "interim" tag!
cuppingmaster "Whoa there, Billy, slow that train down. You know they have TV in Arizona, right?" “I’ve seen the last two weeks. End of the year tops.”

Do you want more? Go tag those comments that make you laugh out loud with a QOTM. That makes them searchable. I used to read every thread for them. That doesn't really work anymore.

A's break the streak; today at 5pm.

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