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A's Swept By Yankees - No Surprise To Fans Everywhere

You want me to recap what now? How about if I told you that Gio allowed a a double to Alex Rodriguez and a homerun to Nick Swisher and predictably, lost the game. Granted, Gio did allow a single and a walk to reach base before the homerun, making it a three-run bomb, but holding the Yankees to four runs is not that bad. What is bad is our offense. A double in the first inning and an absolute laser homerun by Willingham gave the A's a brief (and their only) lead of the series, but the offense went quiet, per usual, for the remaining eight innings of the game. The Yankees had six hits; the A's five, and the A's would lose 4-2, probably because the Yankees know how to extra base hit. The A's offense is lousy.

Derek Jeter, in his quest for 3,000 hits, led off the game with a ringing double. Gio would appear to minimize the damage; striking out both Granderson and Teixeira, but he would let his guard down against A-Rod, who would double Jeter in. The A's would come back in the bottom of the inning on Willingham's homerun (who also had 20 RBI in the month of May, thankyouverymuch), but after the Yankees put two runners on in the fourth inning, the very worst possible thing happened. Swisher homered, and turned the Yankees' deficit into a series sweep.

Devine, Fuentes and Bailey held the Yankees scoreless after Gio's four runs, but to no avail. The A's offense, despite having runners all over the bases, never scored another run. Sigh.

Now the A's head to Fenway where they will try to get their offense going against the Sox. Siiiigh.

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