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Short of Perfect...

  • Hideki Matsui is slow. Very Slow. After almost getting thrown out on a sure fire double, Matsui was caught in a run down on a contact play going home. If only, if only, but as we can all guess, it was a key run...
  • On the heels of Justin Verlander’s no hitter, Brandon McCarthy had a perfecto going into the 5th, when he gave up the first MLB hit to Hosmer.
  • This was a tale of two games, as the first half was a pitchers duel, and the second half was... not.
  • McCarthy fell apart in the 6th, giving up 3 runs to the Royals, including a blown call at 2nd base.
  • A’s came back in the 8th on a homerun by Cliff Pennington, preceded by a single and good baserunning by LaRoche to go to 3rd on Ryan Sweeney’s single, allowing Sweeney to go to 2nd.
  • Coco Crisp almost made it Back to Back, but ball hit off top of wall, to give Crisp a double. After a ground out to the pitcher, Crisp was sac flied over to 3rd, and Willingham struck out looking. Frustrated on a call in the 8th, Willingham was thrown out of the game after throwing his helmet and bumping the umpire. Suspension will likely follow.
  • David DeJesus made Royals fans sad, making an awesome catch to rob Chris Getz of a ball that looked as if it were gone, and would have bounced off the top of the wall for extra bases.
  • EN’s Call for a Mojo Thread was amazing, as Pennington’s 3 Run HR was perfectly timed to coincide with its creation.
  • Ultimately, it was 1 inning too far for McCarthy, who fell apart in the 9th to lose the game. After a leadoff single, the Royals pinch ran and put Jarrod Dyson in motion, which resulted in a 1st and 3rd no out situation. The A’s obviously IBB’d the next batter Hosmer (who could not end up as the hero of the game after all, sorry sportswriters), and with the Bases Loaded, no outs… well you know the rest. Sac Fly, Royals Win.
  • Well Crap. The A's are back at .500. Such a familiar sight. Well, at least the rest of the AL West is not doing so hot right now, though I would prefer if the Angels could lose a game or two (and... shudder... for the Yankees to beat the Rangers).