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Open Game Thread: Game 33 - Oakland A's at Kansas City Royals

I'm tired of bad offense. Tired, tired, tired, tired. I'm sick of feeling the stress of a 1-0 lead, I'm tired of feeling like the game is over if the other team has an offensive explosion of two runs, and I'm really, really tired of stranding winning runs at third base with one out. I am not; however, tired of our pitching, which just keeps rolling along (although one has to wonder when are pitchers are just going to say, 'The Hell With It--what kind of crappy offense can't get me a win when I pitch nine innings without allowing a run!')

It's Gio Gonzalez' turn for "run support" tonight, as he will be facing off against the Royals' Sean O'Sullivan. Please, please, please let us hit Sean O'Sullivan. The buzz in the stadium tonight will be the Major League debut of one of the Royals' hottest prospects, first-baseman Eric Hosmer.

The A's are sending out some of the usual suspects, but they will be without Barton, Pennington, and Willingham. Jackson, LaRoche, and Sweeney (coming off his five-hit night yesterday) will be playing instead. has provided the lineups; they are the fastest, easiest way to see the upcoming lineups, and I love that feature.