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Our Own Personal DeJesus Bests Tomlin - A's Win Behind Cahill

Josh Tomlin did something tonight that I thought was reserved solely for our pitchers; he pitched into the eighth inning, threw 99 pitches--72 of them strikes--allowed only three hits and lost. For seven innings tonight, the A's only managed two hits, but they made them count. David DeJesus, for the first time in his career, hit two homeruns to singlehandedly lift the A's over the red-hot Indians and even up the series.

Cahill wasn't at his sharpest in tonight's contest, walking three and throwing 116 pitches, but the results show another 7 inning, one run outing, bringing him to 5-0 on the season. His ERA is now well under 2.00. On a night when Fuentes was not available, Purcey and Ziggy set-up the eighth inning and Balfour closed out the game. None of them allowed a run.

The only other run for the A's came after a Cleveland error (for the amount of runs we give other teams, it's nice to have them give back), Coco Crisp gave Balfour an insurance run in the eighth.

Because I'm only on an iPad (the Internet on the block is down), that's going to have to do. The A's will try to win the series tomorrow. Join us at 12:35.