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Open Thread: Game 31 (Cleveland Indians at Oakland Athletics)

After last night's disappointing and frustrating loss, which saw the effects of bullpen overuse, as well as highlighted our continually-crappy offense, the A's look to rebound past the teAse of the .500 mark in tonight's game. Trevor Cahill, who is on a personal 3-game winning streak, will attempt to shut down the red-hot Indians, while Josh Tomlin will try to win the series for the Indians on the other side. Tomlin is 4-0 with a 2.45 ERA a month into the season and he is facing the A's offense.

In other grim reaper news, Braden will visit Dr. Lewis Yocum on Wednesday. I'm glad we have a Tyson Ross. Or, Tyler Ross, if you believe the Indians' announcers. All. Night. Yesterday.

First pitch will be thrown at 7:05pm. Lineups will be posted as soon as they are available. (If they don't appear in this thread, could someone post them in the comments, kthanksbye!)