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Open Thread: Game 30 (Cleveland Indians at Oakland Athletics)

We're above .500! We're above .500! We're a game within first place!


Had to get that out of my system. Taking three of four against the Rangers was fantastic to see, especially because the bats finally awoke, scoring 17 runs in four games. A win tonight, coupled with Angels and Rangers losses will tie up the trio at 16-14. The Angels are currently losing late in the game to Boston, and the Rangers are dueling with the Mariners.

But to get there, the A's have to win tonight. Standing in their way is the best team in the majors—the (no joke) Cleveland Indians, who are 19-8. Tyson Ross (1-2, 2.76 ERA), still filling in for the injured Dallas Braden, will square off against Fausto Carmona (2-3, 5.15 ERA). Expect both infields to get a workout tonight.

First pitch is at 7:05 PM.

Lineup:CF Crisp
1B Barton
RF DeJesus
DH Matsui
C Suzuki
LF Sweeney
2B Ellis
3B LaRoche
SS Pennington