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Open Thread: Game 51 (Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)

Have we yet hit the low point of the season? The clubhouse is in shambles, no one in the entire lineup except Coco Crisp is playing like a major league player, fans' tempers are short, the starting pitching is about to revolt, the bullpen already has, and still management is using words like "fantastic" and "terrific". There is nothing fantastic nor terrific about the 2011 Oakland Athletics right now and their lackluster, uninspired, boring style of play is testing the mettle of even the most stalwart of fans.

So aren't you excited for another game? Today's game features Brett Anderson facing off against Joel Pineiro. The Angels are trying to win the four-game series; the A's are trying to earn a split.

BaseballPress has provided the lineups: