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ANtics Extra: Bob Geren In the Hot Seat

It's not easy being an Oakland A's manager. You don't get credit when things go well, the GM does. You don't get the players other managers get. You don't get the stadium other managers get. The commissioner of your sport doesn't even want to acknowledge you exist. Your predecessor had the personality of a lemon, and you have the personality of a pickle. You were picked over a fan favorite who just so happened to lead his team to the World Series last year. The team across the bay, God forbid, actually won it. So you're not feeling great.

Considering you're not winning points for charisma, you have to win on the field. When that doesn't happen, and you've given us no reason to think you're making the team better, ain't nobody happy. So it's time to bring the ANtics back. Welcome to the hot seat, Mr. Geren.


PS - For more ANtics history, go way back in time to 2005 It's a fun trip. All photos courtesy and copyright of their respective owners (who are not me).