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AN Scandal: Closed Door Meeting Follows Writer Calling Out Blogfather

"I'll tell you EXACTLY how much I stretch the truth."
"I'll tell you EXACTLY how much I stretch the truth."

I'd rather not name names here, so it really doesn't matter whether the writer in question was fuentesgirl or fuentes nobody or 67FUENTES. I am the victim here anyway.

Our writers do not have defined roles. Sure, every Tuesday I expect danmerqury to write a post, and if Zonis doesn't have a game thread up on Saturday he'll be duly punished, but there are no defined roles. So when I ordered baseballgirl to write for four days in a row and 23 of the first 49 games, not warning her in advance and ignoring the carpal tunnel syndrome that was developing into full blown repetitive stress injury, all I can say is that I don't like to ask emperor nobody to write more than 200 words except when I do.

Now I'm hearing that the problem stems from a lack of communication. To prove otherwise, I called a closed-door meeting yesterday and came out of it saying "No comment" to everyone who asked. I then told the media exactly who was now writing recaps for the time being, and apparently a reporter mentioned it to them so I guess they know. I think we're good, right?

The series finale between the A's and Angels starts at 12:35pm, Brett Anderson against Joel Piñeiro.

UPDATE: Blez has just described me as "fantastic".