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Open Thread: Game 49 (Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)

Another day, another replacement starter. This time up, it's Guillermo Moscoso, making his first appearance as an Athletic. Moscoso was acquired from the Texas Rangers this past January for high-A pitcher Ryan Kelly, and he's making his first career big league start after appearing in 11 games as a reliever for the Rangers in 2009 and 2010. Thankfully, he's been Sacramento's best starting pitcher this year, striking out 9.6 batters per 9 innings while walking only 2.9. He throws a 90-92 mph four-seam fastball with plenty of cutting action, with an 80 mph curveball that acts more like a slow slider than your usual curve. He also has a changeup that is rather puzzling, as it has a fantastic velocity differential compared to his fastball (10-12 mph), but it doesn't sink at all. We'll just have to see what it looks like in-game.

But Moscoso is going to need every little bit of luck he can get his hands on, as he faces Dan Haren (4-2, 1.84 ERA) tonight in Anaheim. Haren has the best FIP in the American League (only behind Roy Halladay among all pitchers in the majors), so Moscoso and the A's offense might have a hard time breaking their six game losing streak tonight. Here's hoping they buck the odds.

CF Crisp
1B Barton
LF Willingham
DH Fuentes Matsui
C Suzuki
RF DeJesus
2B Ellis
3B LaRoche
SS Pennington