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Open Thread: Game #48 - Oakland A's (22-25, L5) @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (24-24, W1)


"And there was great rejoicing in the land, for Outman had returned from his battle with the evil villain Tommy John mostly unscathed, and would live again to rock the golden sanitary socks..."


One of the most stylish and aptly named pitchers in MLB returns from a long surgical layoff, but can he get anyone out, man? The A's, fresh off the worst weekend in San Francisco since the time of Fatty Arbuckle, travel to Orange County for the first of a four-tet with their hated rival Sleggorific Slegtones of Slegglytown this evening. It's Jared Weaver and Josh Outman, the latter of which hasn't pitched in what? 2 years? So the A's bullpen might get taxed tonight... let's hope Capt. Bob has his correct sailor hat on for a change or we might be in for some more stormy seas. As crappy as the last 5 days have been, the whole AL West is still separated top to bottom by just 2 games. The Rangers are on top but I'll conveniently forget to tell you who is bringin' up the rear right now.


Lemme see if my new supersecret site has the lineups happening... ah, yes, here we are:

For Anaheim:
All right, we have a losing streak to break... let's get this party started, shall we?