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Predictable Game is Predictable.

Lets be honest, this game went about the way that everyone expected it to go from the start. Indeed, there isn't even a need to recap it in full, since it followed the storyline so well.

Lincecum kicked our ass, shutting us out, and pitching a complete game shutout. Brett Anderson, though iffy to start the game, allowing a run and a series of hits in the first, managed to make his way through 5 innings before being pushed out due to a 90 pitch count and, of course, lame NL rules.

Luckily for the A's, Ryan Sweeney singled during the first inning, saving us from the stress of being no hit, as the A's ended up with only three hits off Lincecum.

The game went smoothly, 1-0 Giants, through till the 8th when everything went against the A's. Kouzmanoff injured himself trying to run a ball out at first, ending up with a right groin strain, and is day to day (translation: he will be on the bench, unavailable for the next three weeks, though will somehow play the day before he is put on the DL).

In the bottom of the 8th, Brad Ziegler, on his third night in a row, allowed a single by Posey, a squib ground out which moved Posey to 2nd, and a bobbled single to Jackson which scored him. That was followed by Ross, ending up at third, scoring on a sac fly.

Lincecum's complete game shutout was the 8th consecutive loss the A's have faced in Tampa Bay San Francisco.

I hate the Giants.