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Open Thread: Game 45 - A's vs Tampa Bay Giants

Today’s series is one that I relish. It is against a hated rival, for sure, but it also gives fans back home the feeling of how we feel. Who are we, you ask? We are the NRAF’s, the Non-Resident A’s Fans.

The series against the Giants is a painful one in a sense for A’s fans in the Bay, as they are surrounded by bandwagon Giants fans who converted after the World Series… or after Barry Bonds… or after Phonebooth Park. A’s fans most definently find themselves in the minority all of a sudden, even (especially) in the East Bay, which should be their home. This was stated by gojohn10 best on his ride home last night.


For all the natives, this is how A’s fans feel abroad. In Chicago last week, this is how we Chicago NRAF’s felt. Imagine the pain the Los Angeles NRAF’s feel against the Angels? The New England NRAF’s feel against the New York or Boston Yankees? It’s a feeling that everything is against you, and you must fight through it.

Today the A’s go after Lincecum, with Brett Anderson taking the ball for the Good Guys. (Crap, I guess the Hawk has rubbed off on me…) The A’s desperately need a ‘perfect’ game today if they want to win. That is, a great pitching performance, no bullpen screw ups, and the offense to actually score a run.


  • A’s signed Lenny DiNardo for AAA depth! Welcome back Lenny!
  • With not just one, but two slots in the rotation going down simultaneously, the A’s are in a bind, with even more pressure on the remaining starters. Right now it looks like Outman and Moscoso who will get the call to fill in.
  • Michael Taylor is… hitting in AAA! I know, I didn’t expect that either. But if he is back, and can put up a .900+ OPS at AAA again this year, perhaps we won’t have a bad offense next year after all!
  • Speaking of minor league offenses, aside from some comments and speculation about his defense, I have not heard why Adrian Cardenas has been moved out of the infield to Left Field. From SS to 2B to 3B to LF, the A’s seem to be yanking him around, and with our pressing infield need, and a .900+ OPS in AAA, I think we could use him at the big league level.
  • As much as I want Jemile Weeks up in Oakland, Ellis the last few days has gotten some hits, and Weeks has been struggling in May.
  • With so many Free Agents next year, who should the A’s resign? Will it be a team of mostly prospects once again (Carter at DH, Cardenas in LF, Taylor at RF, Weeks at 2B)?
  • With the A’s losing two starters for a hopefully short period, and the offense still flailing, would you make a trade for some solid hitters right now?
  • Since today is 'The Rapture', even if all of the annoying Giants fans don't disappear, on the bright side, most of the Angels fan base should.

Current Series

Giants lead the series 1-0

Fri 05/20 WP: Javier Lopez (2 - 0)
LP: Brian Fuentes (1 - 5)
1 - 2 loss

Oakland Athletics
@ San Francisco Giants

Saturday, May 21, 2011, 4:10 PM PDT
AT&T Park

Brett Anderson vs Tim Lincecum

Clear. Winds blowing out to center field at 15-20 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 55.

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Sun 05/22 1:05 PM PDT