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Open Thread: Game 45 - A's at San Francisco

The end of the world could not be coming at a better time. Sinners Tyson Ross and Brandon McCarthy have been taken early, joining Beelzebub Braden and Broken Glass "7 years of bad luck" Harden on the EDL (Eternally Disabled List). Meanwhile, with the rapture coming tomorrow to put us all out of our misery, our final impression of the universe will be Trevor Cahill holding a bat.

Welcome to interleague play, otherwise known as Godzilla's kryptonite. Trevor Cahill takes the mound (yay) and the 9th spot in the batting order (boo), and if he gets injured either place tonight I will probably maculate a spotted owl. Cahill is opposed by Ryan Vogelsong, who was drafted by the Giants in 1998, debuted for them in 2000-01, and then forgot to pitch for the Giants for 10 years. Vogelsong has a career 5.58 ERA, so put him down for a three-hit shutout.

Oh, and 12% of the roster is completely different. Welcome back from a couple days ago, Jerry Blevins, welcome back from a couple years ago, Joey Devine, and welcome, period, Fautino De Los Santos. Please be utterly awesome, kthxbai.

Tonight's starting lineups, in which Cahill could arguably bat 6th: