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You Don't Even Wanna Know; A's Lose Tyson Ross And Also The Game

It's never a good start when your starting pitcher pitches to one batter before leaving the game with a patented A's injury (i.e. oblique). The A's have absolutely no depth in their starting rotation after losing Dallas Braden; they could ill-afford another injury, but they have one anyway. Ross will be checked out tomorrow; nothing more will be known until then. He also took today's loss; apparently that's what he gets for putting the first runner on base.

David Purcey ended up "starting" the game; he allowed Ross' run and a run of his own, but for 3.2 innings, and a whopping 66 pitches, he kept the A's in the game through the fourth. Of course, the A's offense made Nick Blackburn look awesome; they racked up six hits and one run on the day. Congratulations to Mark Ellis for the ground out that scored the run. I'm so tired of our offense proud.

So is our bullpen, apparently. Breslow allowed two runs, and Trystan "Star of Romance Novels, and soon to be sent to AAA"  Magnuson allowed six, so by the time the ninth inning rolled around, it's 10-1. Who comes into the game? Why, it's one of the A's best bullpen relievers, formerly of the 0.00 ERA through May, Brad Ziegler. He raised his ERA to a miniscule 0.68 with his first run of the season, and he's still pitching in blowouts? There weren't a million better opportunities in the last week to use someone who hadn't yet given up a run?

So to sum up, the A's lose 11-1. The news on Ross looks grim. The A's are swept by the worst team in baseball and scored a total of two real runs in two days. They now take on the Giants; we'll see you tomorrow.

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