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Open Thread: Game 43 (Minnesota Twins at Oakland Athletics)

Good evening, and welcome to a Wednesday game that is not held during the day, and is not a getaway game; both rarities for the A's. In fact, tonight we will actually open a series as we try to defend our FIRST PLACE spot in the AL West. Granted, we might share that honor, but no one cares. First place is first place, baby.

The Twins are playing some horrible baseball right now; they stumble into the Overstock Coliseum tonight with a record of 13-27, with many still mourning yesterday's loss of Harmon Killebrew. But this is by no means an easy series for the A's. Yes, the Twins offense is one of the only two teams that has been worse than our A's so far this season, but there might be reason to believe that their offense might be better than it appears on paper. Plus, have you seen Cuddyer play the A's?

Brandon McCarthy, whom the offense and the bullpen apparently hate, has an ERA in the low 3's, and a lone win to show for it. The A's will try to get him another tonight. The A's offense will try to hit Carl Pavano...please, can we hit Cal Pavano!?

Lineups brought to you by Baseball Press: