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How Winnable Is the AL West?

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Against what seems like all odds, the A's have stormed back from their shaky start, finally claiming the top spot in the AL West last night, two games over the .500 mark. With the season at its quarter mark (can you believe it?), the rally cry for Athletics fans seems to be, "The offense has GOT to get better!". Even with last night's 14-spot, here are the current offensive numbers:


In case you were wondering how the A's offense is doing so far, a quarter into the season, six of our Opening Day starters are batting under .240, and a seventh is batting. 241. We only have three players slugging over .400, and only one with an OBP over .400. We also have 24 homeruns; the third fewest in both leagues. But the pitching is as strong as it was advertised, and somehow, the A's are winning just enough games to stay in the race.

Although we have lost Dallas Braden for the season (and really can't afford to lose another starting pitcher, so think good thoughts), the A's can't quite claim the injury bug of the West. Texas is currently playing without Hamilton, Cruz, and Borbon; or in other words, an entire All-Star outfield. The Angels, who lost Kendrys Morales to injury last season, have probably lost him again. They are also playing without Vernon Wells. I still don't think Seattle is a threat.

Using last night's game as in inspiration, it would seem that now would be a good time for the A's to go off on a winning streak. But what do you really think? Do you think this team is a .500 team, and will finish the year as such? Or do you think the offense will get better on its own? If you would make a change that would improve the A's chances in the West, what would it be?

Join us tonight for another 2-game series, as the A's and Brandon McCarthy take on Carl Pavano and the Twins.

Current Series

2 game series vs Twins @ Coliseum

Minnesota Twins
@ Oakland Athletics

Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 7:05 PM PDT Coliseum

Carl Pavano vs Brandon McCarthy

Mostly clear. Winds blowing from left to right field at 15-20 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 60.

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Thu 05/19 12:35 PM PDT