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Open Thread: Game 42 (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Oakland Athletics)

Update: Due to the rain, first pitch is scheduled for 7:45 PM.

The A's have played an odd number of games so far, so that must mean they're one game above .500. Aaaaaand...21-20. Exactly.

On the heels of last night's amazing game (down by one, bottom of the ninth, two outs, two strikes!), Oakland's out there to break the .500 waffling and take back second place. As it stands, Texas is one game ahead of Oakland in first place, and LA is a half game ahead of the A's in second place. That could all change tonight if the White Sox beat the Rangers, so these games need to go in our favor.

Tonight, it's Gio Gonzalez (4-2, 2.68 ERA) against Tyler Chatwood (2-1, 3.67 ERA). Chatwood faced the A's in Anaheim on April 26th, only lasting 5.1 innings and allowing 3 runs, so let's hope that happens again tonight.

Oh, and curiously, Gio Gonzalez hasn't pitched in 11 days. Weird. Wonder why that is?

Lineup:CF Crisp
1B Barton
LF Willingham
DH Matsui
C Suzuki
RF DeJesus
2B Ellis
3B Kouzmanoff
SS Pennington