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Whats worse than a loss? Having the other team's fan right next to you.

How can a man this old still hit .350 when we don't have a starter over .260?
How can a man this old still hit .350 when we don't have a starter over .260?


In a sense, this was a very prototypical A’s game. At home, against the White Sox, the A’s should have been able to win this game in theory, with Cahill on the mound. Instead, they ended up losing the game 4-3, with plenty of chances to score left on the bases (including a 9th inning tease featuring a 1st and 3rd situation with 2 outs).

There were some highlights, though. Conor "One N" Jackson made a stupendous catch in Right Field, with the ball popping out of his glove and back into it, confusing the runners and leading to a double play at 1st base.

Mark Ellis and Cliff Pennington both turned several more double plays that tried to prove their worth to the team even if they could not carry it with the bat, as the team completed 4 double plays in all. Incidentally, Ellis and Pennington did come through today, going 3-4 and 1-3 with a walk respectively.

The highlights of the game on the offensive side came from Coco Crisp, who hit a solo homerun in the 5th to tie the game up, and Daric Barton, who came out from under his slump on a 2-5 day to knock in two runs to the tie game in the 7th after the White Sox had gone up two in the top half of the inning.

The A’s ended up with 10 hits, outhit by 1, and 5 walks with 8 strikeouts.

So Cahill lost his first game of the year, allowed 2 Earned Runs (mainly due to his own error), and raised his Cy Young competing ERA to 1.82. But what I am concerned about is that before he was taken out of the game, commenter’s in the game thread mentioned that Cahill was grimacing and holding his elbow. Please tell me this isn’t true. Please?