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Open Thread: Game 39 - A's vs. White Sox

My favorite Tyson Ross moment was when he first made the team and I told my mom we had a new pitcher on the roster named Tyson Ross. Her question, quite seriously, was "What's his first name?" Shall we name him Joe Tysonross or Bob Tysonross? Or shall we just enjoy his 2.51 ERA, stepping in for the 8-toed, single-shouldered Dallas Braden?

Mr. Tysonross takes the mound today against Gavin Floyd, whose parents were presumably huge fans of The Love Boat, or at the very least must have worshipped The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I'm thinking perhaps these two guys should merge to become one massively awesomely named pitcher: Gavin Tysonross.

Anyhoo, the A's will try to get to 20 wins before they get to 20 losses by winning today's game. It's Mark Ellis Bat Day, which means that the first 10,000 gold glovers in attendance today receive a .181 batting average (and no gold glove).

Today's lineups: