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Baseball Gods Smile on A's as 7-0 Deficit Washed Away

Well, you can't say that the A's don't ever get their share of the luck. Gio Gonzalez was knocked out of today's game in the third inning, after allowing seven runs and the worst pitch you can make with the bases loaded, resulting in a grand slam. All Texas needed was another half-inning to make it official, but the rain refused to relent. The game was suspended in the fourth, and never resumed. It has now been officially postponed and it's like it never happened. If you're a Gio Gonzalez fan, have him on your fantasy team, or are his agent, you are probably thrilled beyond belief not to add today's game to his ERA.

Don't worry, the A's didn't score any runs, so it's not like any stats were lost for them. In fact, today's rainout was the single best thing that could have happened. The A's would have lost the game, and would have been back at .500. Instead, they will have another chance to take on Texas at a later date. And hopefully, with some bats. 

In A's player news, the A's have optioned Blevins to AAA, not surprisingly after Blevin's year so far. They recall RHP Trystan Magnuson, who is throwing well.

Dallas Braden is having surgery on Monday to repair his left shoulder. So get to know Tyson Ross!

The A's are off tomorrow, but will resume baseball Friday night at home, against the White Sox. I'd like to say that I want to see more offense, but I feel like I type that every time I write a post.

See you then!

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