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A’s Win! A’s Win! Holy Toledo, the A’s Win!


The A’s scored a victory today, 1-0 over the Twins and I am sure that Gio is as glad as he can be that his 6 IP of scoreless ball did not prove to be futile. He was backed up by a good relief effort by Grant Balfour and Brian Fuentes, who combined to pitch three scoreless innings, with Fuentes closing it out for the save.

The A’s only run came in the 6th in what otherwise was an uneventful game offensively. With Suzuki on 2nd and 2 outs, Mark Ellis hit a routine grounder to short, where Alexi Casilla fielded it, and short hopped Justin Morneau into the stands, scoring Suzuki and giving the A’s their only run.




  • The A’s have not scored an earned run since the first inning of yesterday’s game. This is kind of freaking me out, as this is supposed to be the new and improved A’s offense.
  • The A’s really do have awesome starting pitching; with Gio improving his ERA to 0.67, and Cahill and Anderson having awesome ERA’s to show thus far as well. McCarthy is doing fine, and would be better if he had good defense behind him, and I am willing to grant Dallas Braden a mulligan if he really did pitch with a sore neck.
  •  Target Field looks awesome, and I in no way miss watching games in the Metrodome. I agree with one commenter who said he used to hate the Twins, but that it was a product of the Metrodome and now he only dislikes him.
  • With tonight’s showing, has the Bullpen finally recovered? Too bad that, like Nico pointed out, Balfour decided to return to form 1 inning too late.
  • Kevin Kouzmanoff, disregarding tonight’s infield single, really does need to be benched in favor of Andy LaRoche. LaRoche deserves the chance, and Kouzmanoff is not making a case to stay in the starting lineup.
  •  MiLB season has begun, and I am already looking forward to call ups for new faces and better offense. My only concern is that Adrian Cardenas has been DHing the first few games, as if he gets off to a great start, it might be nice to see him in Oakland at 3B mid-season.
  • Meanwhile, Grant Green and Michael Choice are looking awesome as well.
  •  Tom Hallion, the Home Plate UMP, called a peculiarly low strike zone that annoyed me throughout the game, but I will give kudos to him for being consistent.
  • For Ray Fosse, I think this will help you out: Definition of the word Four.
  • Kurt Suzuki's defense is really underrated right now. He saved the day several times catching balls that could have spelled doom. Kudos to Suzuki.
  • Dear Gio, stop giving AN heart attacks. We don't want to lose another pitching to a mysterious injury (in this case, a rolled ankle). Thanks!