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CT Threads and Minor League Baseball

Following Emperor Nobody’s call to arms to call out for an extended post game slot for Chris Townsend, our efforts seem to be working, but it would still be good if we can get the call out some more. To quote EN’s post:

His name is Mike Krinik and his email is Let him know he will get better ratings out of that slot with the A's postgame and respectfully ask that he let CT go at least an hour if not more. We'd all agree the first few games it's been a rush job and the PD needs to know it can be an asset to him if he lets it be itself and do its thing. Also request that both the pre- and post-game broadcasts be made available online as streaming options at The Wolf's website.

It's going to take public pressure to make this happen. If everyone wants more A's on the radio and web and the post-game thing that started last year to flourish, please write immediately to Mike Krinik and make your voices heard!

Thanks so much for doing it too. --EN

I followed EN’s call, and I sent in my letter:

Dear Mr. Krinik,

I am writing to ask you if you could extend the A's postgame show with Chris Towsend. Last year, the A's brought in Townsend to replace Robert Buan, and instantly he was a success. I have never, ever seen such enthusiasm for a post game show for quite some time, if ever. It seemed to rival any post-game college recap for basketball or football I'd seen. Indeed, the groundswell became so popular that on the popular A's blog Athletics Nation, threads dedicated to the post game show appeared, and not only that, filled up with thousands of comments, requiring multiple threads.

A's fans need an outlet, and if The Wolf is hosting the A's for the next 4 years, I think this move will endear them to A's fans through out the Bay Area, and keep them listening way into the night.


Shane Higginbotham

And my response, which many of us seemed to have received:

Hi Shane,

First we could not be more excited to have partnered with the Oakland A’s and to have inked a deal to broadcast the games for the next four years!

Country music and baseball, it is an exciting time here at 95.7 The Wolf!

To answer your question, at this time the Chris Townsend pre show is a 15 minute show and the post game show with Chris is 30 minutes. If the game broadcast happens to end past 10pm the Chris Townsend post game show will air for 1 hour.

If you’d like, I would be happy to discuss in greater detail with you on the phone. I can be reached at 415-546-8314.

Also we are aware of Chris’ huge popularity, we are working to stream his pre and post game shows at some point in the future.

Thank you again for writing, we are happy to be part of your excitement for A’s baseball. I welcome more feedback good or bad and look forward to speaking to you on the phone. I want your experience with The Wolf to be the very best it can be.

Enjoy the rest of the week and let’s go A’s!


So how do we get more CT on the air? Follow EN’s advice and email, and follow Mike’s advice and give him a call at 415-546-8314. We’ve had success so far, so let’s get to it and show that A’s fans are a presence, we will support, and we want our post game show!

In other news:

The Minor League season has started, and it’s time to start watching for the A’s future, especially since the big team is having trouble. We spent all off season creating the Community Prospect List, and that’s a great place to start to monitor how we ranked our prospects throughout the season. Every couple weeks we will bring out the list and track where we are and how accurate our rankings were, and a summary of how they have done in the last 10 Days, and the top 10 players during that time in our system.