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Friday Open Thread: Musings About the Week

Top that.
Top that.

Well, if there is one thing that the A's did well this opening week of baseball, it's winning during the day. Now, granted, this is not an overall good plan to win a lot of baseball games, since the majority of games are played at night. However, probably due Opening Day in Minnesota, today's game is a day game. The A's will start batting in Minnesota at 1:10, so you can't say I didn't warn you!

Brett Anderson will face off against Carl Pavano; Anderson will attempt to top Cahill's incredible start in yesterday's game. The A's will attempt to field the ball cleanly and also try to hit; I'm guessing the strike-out-wild-pitch play isn't a reliable one for their season's sucess.

I could write a book on what was bad the first week of the season, but what was good? I liked Cahill's performance yesterday. I like Willingham's homeruns (and new nickname from the game thread yesterday). I liked Matsui's double and Fuentes first save. I like Conor far.

What about you? Enjoy the brand-spanking new game thread; the game will be played soon!

Remember: DAY GAME! No baseball tonight.