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Open Thread: Game 6 - A's at Toronto

Let's hope the AN bullpen is stronger right now than the A's bullpen, as the starter will be knocked out before the National Anthem with a severe case of "day job". Three key members of AN's bullpen will be called upon the rest of the way: Good Don, baseballgirl, and Evil Don. You are in good hands (and bad).

Once through the rotation produced a steaming pile of embarrassing suck, so let's try it again. Opening Night starter Trevor Cahill will try to right the ship against the talented lefty, Ricky Romero, who is most famous for saying, "Roo-cee...You got some 'splaining to do!!!"

I leave you with today's "fun fact": If the A's can manage to drop 4.5 games in the standings every week, they will finish the season 117 games out. And yes, I'm available for parties.