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Hey, At Least We're Not the Red Sox or Tampa Bay?

If you didn't catch Dan's post yesterday, go back it read it. It's that good. 

Update from SF Gate: Tyson Ross has joined the team in Toronto. We don't yet know why. From Susan Slusser:

I've just had it confirmed: Tyson Ross will come up to start in place of Dallas Braden tonight.

I had a feeling when Ross didn't open the season on the roster that we'd see him in an Oakland uniform soon. Not quite this soon, sure, but the A's never use just five starters over the course of a season.

Second update (8:50 AM): Dallas Braden might be starting after all.

It's not clear, though, if Ross will start. I'm told that tonight's scheduled starter, Dallas Braden, is fine. But I'm not sure what that means, precisely.

True to form, we have no idea WHAT'S going on with the A's injuries, and no one seems to know who the starting pitcher is tonight.I guess we'll find out at 4.

Third update (1:20 PM): Michael Wuertz will be placed on the DL with a strained left hamstring. Tyson Ross will take his place in the 'pen.

Well, let's be honest; things could have started better for the A's. After one of the most brutal starts in recent memory, we start the fifth day of the season a little shell-shocked and probably a little bit worried about the team. But perspective is everything; as bad as it's been (and make no mistake, it's been that bad), we are in the middle of a 4 game stretch, and timing is everything. If we had a 1-3 stretch at any time during the middle of the season, I bet not many of us would really worry. But because this is all we have seen of the 2011 season, maybe it appears worse than it really is.

I can't remember a four game stretch of A's baseball with more errors, or three uglier losses. But in the interest of not ruining the season for all of us four games in, I have to invoke the small sample size rule. We can't draw any conclusions yet, and there is no reason to panic. Right? The nine errors, two homeruns, seventeen hits, and three losses ultimately won't shape the 2011 season.

And here's why. Both Boston and Tampa Bay have lost their first four games. The Rays have scored exactly six runs in four games. Boston has scored twelve. And while their fans might not be thrilled at how the first week of the season is shaping up on the East Coast, I doubt anyone is really worried about his/her team going 0-162 for the season.

So let's take the next games as a new start to the season, and let's root for the A's to right the ship, one game at a time. Because if you think an 0-4 start to the season isn't indicative of the Red Sox or Tampa Bay as a team, then you probably have to believe the same about the A's. And, hey, at least we have a win.

What do you think about the A's start? Reason to worry, or just three bad games?

The A's try to make it two wins today at 4:07. Dallas Braden ....(maybe, I'll believe it when I see it) will be taking the mound against Jesse Litsch.