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Gillette Fan Confidence Poll

So...some of you may have noticed the fan confidence poll located to the left of the blog. As you also might have noticed, Gillette is now sponsoring the "How are you feeling about the Athletics?" poll, and judging from the fact that the A's are sitting at about 80% right now, I'm guessing not a lot of you voted in the poll this week. I just voted at 10%, mostly because...ummm...confidence? Right now, I don't have confidence that a ground ball will be fielded, a pop-up will be caught, and a pitch won't go out of the ballpark for the opposing team.

After the first four games, it's no surprise that the A's are in dead last in fielding; it's pretty impossible to make 9 errors (and should be 10; last night's generous score-keeping took an error off Kouzmanoff's line and put it onto McCarthy's ERA) in 4 games, and keep a lot of confidence in the team. So Gillette is running a weekly campaign that will be handled by Dan, Don, and myself, and it will relate to how we feel about the Athletics each week. So if you are so inclined, vote for how you feel about the team.