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Cahill/A's Win Series Opener

Well, Cahill might not have been the sharpest we've ever seen him, but you can't argue with the results. Facing the powerhouse Texas lineup, Cahill did nothing but induce ground ball after ground ball. Texas managed seven hits and four walks against him, but they plated none. And after exactly 100 pitches and seven complete innings, Cahill exited the game, in line for his fourth win of the season.

The A's scored the first run of the game in the third. Landing squarely in the category of 'Really Crappy Things to do to your struggling offense by a home scorekeeper' was Barton's one-out smashed double, which led to the A's first run as Kurt 'New Daddy' Suzuki singled Barton in. The double was ruled an error because the scorekeeper thought Borbon should have caught it, but it wasn't even close. I expect this to be questioned and changed.

The A's scored their second run as a real earned run; back-to-back doubles by Jackson and Willingham to extend the lead. Their third run would be given to them as Kinsler made an ill-advised throw trying to complete a double-play in the seventh, allowing a run to score. Three runs seems like ten to this offense-starved A's fan, so I will take them. I don't particularly care how they scored.

Meanwhile, over on the mound, it was a textbook story: starting pitcher for 7, set-up man for the 8th (Balfour), closer for the save (Fuentes). Although Texas racked up fifteen baserunners on the night, their eleven hits were all singles. Fuentes gave us a bit of a scare as he allowed a run and faced the tying run, but he got the save, and the game ended at 3-1. The A's win an opener, get back to .500, and gain a game on Texas. Celebrate!

For what it's worth, the game threads and tonight's recap were brought to you all on an iPad, on Interstate 5, while the game played on a phone. (takes a bow.) Seriously, how far we have come. We are just passing Harris Ranch en route to Oakland. I will see everyone tomorrow! Let's make it two in a row!