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Open Thread: Game 26 (Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics)

Hello from the 5 (yes, the 5, I'm SoCal, not NorCal)! Let's pretend that tonight's game will be brought to you by Anderson's Split Pea Soup, as that is the prevailing billboard on tonight's drive to Oakland. This will be an adventure, since I am armed only with an iPad and 3G wireless service in the middle of nowhere, and I'm without an SB Nation app invented for the iPad, so it's all HTML, baby. Thus, if the game threads seem a little, well, off, that is why. But we will have game threads, and depending on how fast I can type on the itty bitty touch screen keyboard, there will be a recap as well. Thank you, technology, and I hope this proves my true dedication to AN. I am here for you. (Of course, what else am I going to do, count the cows?)

Anyway, I digress. There is a game tonight, which will feature Trevor Cahill vs. C.J. Wilson. Both are 3-0 on the young season, but Cahill's ERA is more than a full point lower (2.30 to 3.51, to be exact).

The Rangers stormed out of the gate, winning 9 of 10 in their first two weeks of baseball. However, they have cooled considerably, losing two of their key players in the process. There will not be a better time than right now to face this team in a four game series, and the A's have to find a way to take advantage. I'm beyond caring how they score; I just want them to do it. Anyway, big series, let's go, and all that. The A's haven't won an opener yet, so here's to winning the first game of a series.

Oh, and jinxed DeJesus. Expect an error tonight.

Worth noting
David DeJesus has not made an error in 262 games, dating back to September 15, 2008. It is the longest active streak among all Major League outfielders.

Here are your fancy lineups (that are posted so much earlier than anywhere else for my lifestyle's convenience; I love you, Baseball Press!)

Willingham returns to the lineup, but sadly, Coco does not, and both catchers make an appearance, as Matsui takes the night off.