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Open Thread: Game 25 (Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)


Things look grim for our heroes. After a lifeless display of offense that has lasted pretty much all month (Read: I've never heard of half these guys, and the ones I have heard of are way past their prime! This guy here is dead!), the A's take the field today looking to put up some sort of a fight against the Angels, who didn't have to exert much effort to beat them the first two games of the series. And with a wrap-around four-game series this weekend, the A's can ill-afford to fall any further back of the other two AL West contenders (sorry, Seattle).

Yet a win seems nearly impossible on paper today. Taking the mound for the A's will be Tyson Ross, who isn't even stretched out as a starter, was lousy at Angel stadium last year when he replaced Duchscherer in last-minute move, and was less-than impressive replacing Dallas Braden Friday night. On the other side of the mound will be Dan Haren, who is usually not lousy, and more importantly, will throw strikes, which is really all an opposing pitcher needs to do to get the A's out. Especially with today's lineup, which is missing the A's only real baseball player so far this season, and its only real power threat. Crisp injured his leg in yesterday's game, and Willingham (I assume) is still recovering from being hit by a pitch on Sunday.

So here are your lineups (thank you, Baseball Press!). Try not to cringe. Remember: This Is Why They Play The Games.

Let's go Oak-land!