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Is There Help On The Way?

So with a few hours to go before the A's try to avoid a sweep, pinning their hopes on Tyson Ross as he faces off against Danny Haren (how do you think that one is going to go?), let's talk about some prospects. Where are my experts? Who knows what?

While I agree strongly with Dan's post yesterday, reassuring us that the offense is not as bad as they might appear, they are pretty hard to watch right now, and they certainly aren't distracting me from my concerns about the future.

Our entire outfield either is, or will be, 32 this year. Our second baseman is 34 and looking every minute of it. Our infield is slightly younger; Pennington and Suzuki are in their late 20's, Kouzmanoff is 30, and Barton is the youngest; he'll be 26 this summer. Obviously, Matsui is in his late thirties.

As we all know; looking at our minor league system in panic after the slow start to the season, there just aren't the players to call up that we once would have hoped. Chris Carter is having trouble handling Triple-A, much less the Majors, Michael Taylor has all but dropped off the map, Grant Desme has left the organization, and Sean Doolittle hasn't played since 2009. This leaves players like Grant Green (SS), Michael Choice (OF), Jemile Weeks (2B), Max Stassi (C) and Aaron Shipman (OF).

Should the A's look to trade some of their pitching in hopes of re-stocking a depleted farm system? How would you rate their minor-league talent right now? Is this year going to be a wash, or will the A's be able to pull it together? And if they can't, how soon is too soon to start trading some talent?


Remember, the game is on at 4PM today!

Current Series

Angels lead the series 2-0

Mon 04/25 WP: Jered Weaver (6 - 0)
LP: Gio Gonzalez (2 - 2)
0 - 5 loss
Tue 04/26 WP: Tyler Chatwood (2 - 1)
LP: Brandon McCarthy (1 - 2)
3 - 8 loss

Oakland Athletics
@ Los Angeles Angels

Wednesday, Apr 27, 2011, 4:05 PM PDT
Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Tyson Ross vs Dan Haren

Clear. Winds blowing out to left field at 5-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 80.

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