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Open Thread: Game 21 - A's at Seattle

BARELY KNEW HER!!!! {still funny}

No one combines Fister with the Easter Bunny like your Oakland A's. Looking for a series split before taking aim at the Angels and Rangers for the next week, the A's send Brett Anderson to the mound hoping their offense can pick up where it left off last night -- no, not rounding 3B and holding because you overhear a conversation between two other people, but more actually getting to the five-pointed base nine times.

The A's beat Doug Fister on April 3rd, mostly because they kept hitting lazy fly balls into the Oakland sun. Given that the roof is supposed to be closed today, Oakland might want to sprinkle in a few line drives this time around. Maybe even a couple HRs -- like yesterday, when the A's hit 20% of their current season total.

Hopefully, Anderson will pitch well and then Bob Geren can let him build off his good performance by starting Anderson again tomorrow! Happy Easter, and remember: rabbits only multiply so fast because they use a calculator.