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Open Thread: Game 20 (Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners) (cont)

The A's still have not scored a run. Oh, but they tried hard. A better slide by Kevin Kouzmanoff would have brought in the tying run in the fifth, but honestly there is a bigger problem if the team is depending on one run a game. I want to scream at the offense. There is a limit to what I'm willing to put up with on a Friday night. IT'S SEATTLE, YOU PILE! START HITTING THE BASEBALL! BECAUSE NOW YOU ARE LOSING EVEN WORSE THAN 1-0!

Tyson Ross made it into the fifth, allowing one run in the first four innings. He was yanked in the fifth after putting two more runners on, but Blevins walked the bases loaded and walked in a run. Ross' 45 balls and 31 strikes did not help the cause and Blevins' 9 balls out of 11 pitches before giving up a smash by Adam Kennedy for another two runs was even worse.

Who was NOT bad that inning? Our very own Ziggy, who threw 8 perfect pitches, struck out both batters he faced, leaving the fifth run on third base.

Basically, all that to say it is 4-0, and the A's have shown little to no interest in scoring ONE run, much less the grand-slam they need to catch up. We go to top of the sixth.