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Cruelty thy name is A's

BrettAnderson49: goodnight folks
BrettAnderson49: goodnight folks

Just when you think it can't get worse, it happens. Just when you find hope, its taken away. The A's entered the game with hope that yesterday was simply April Fools, and that the real A's offense, defense and bullpen would show up for reals this time.

The A's did jump out ahead 1-0, behind a great performance of Brett Anderson (despite Kouzmanoff's best efforts), but it all caught up in the 6th, when the Mariners managed to bring home a run and tie the game. Another run would score in the 7th to give the Mariners the lead after Anderson had left the game when Bob Geren decided to bring in Craig Breslow for the second night in a row. 

The A's managed to tie the game up in a sort-of-not-tease-but-ended-up-being-so in the 8th on the heels of a very fluky play off of a blown call. With Crisp at 2nd and Barton at 1st, David DeJesus lined a ball to 2nd base, which Wilson caught above the dirt. The 2nd base umpire, however, was the only person in the crowd to disagree, calling the ball "Safe". Wilson tossed the ball back to 2nd with Crisp diving back to the bag (but luckily the bag was tagged instead of tagging Crisp then the bag). The tagging of the bag technically meant that Barton, who was just off of first and confused as hell, was out. The ball was thrown to 1B, with Barton caught off the bag, and a rundown resulting in Barton being out, and a man on 1st and 2nd, after a lengthy discussion with the umpires and managers over the debacle. 

After Crisp stole 3rd (but with DeJesus staying at 1st), Willingham hit a single past the 2nd baseman and the A's tied it up.

I won't even bother describing the 9th except to say that while Grant Balfour impressed in his A's debut, Brian Fuentes definitely did not, and Barton needs to rework his defense a bit more.

Tune in tomorrow as the A's will try to avoid the sweep on the heels of the Rangers beating the tarheals out of Boston.