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Open Thread: Game 2 - Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics

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Okay, okay, so maybe the first night did not go so good. But tonight the A's have a new game, a new face, and a new battle to fight.

For the A's, Brett AN-derson takes the mound as he faces off against Jason Vargas. Needless to say, since Vargas's is only the king of his own throne, and not everyone else's, we should be fine tonight. The A's will aim to get a few more hits (or more than a few hits) and maybe a repeat of yesterday's first inning power.

I am too afraid of saying anything else referring to yesterday so that we can all forget that cruel April Fools joke.

Good News? Kurt Suzuki is alive and well (and starting).

Lineups after the jump.


1. RF "That Good Japanese Player"
2. 3B Chone Figgins
3. LF Milton Bradley and Co.
4. DH Jack Cust
5. 1B Justin Smoak
6. SS Brenden Ryan
7. 2B Jack Wilson
8. CF Michael Saunders
9. C2 Adam Moore


1. CF Coco Crisp
2. 1B Daric Barton
3. RF David DeJesus
4. LF Josh Willingham
5. DH "That Bad Japanese Player"
6. C1 Kurt Suzuki
7. 2B Mark Ellis
8. 3B Not Adam LaRoche
9. SS E6 Pennington