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Gillette Fan Confidence Poll, Week Three

The A's have won 6 of 10 but that hasn't done a whole lot to raise fan confidence. Scattered "We're All Gonna Die" murmurs have given way to a heavy downpour of "Fire Geren Now" rants.  As danmerqury pointed out last night:

About as frustrating as a 6-2 win can be.

And this today from cuppingmaster:

Of our 7 victories so far, I would say that we have won convincingly twice; in Minneapolis last Sunday and yesterday. The others we have benefitted from luck, poor defense, or poor bullpens of other teams. Combine this, and some truly bad bullpen management, and we really need to improve the latter part to maximize our victories.

Leave it to RLangford to find the silver lining:

The A’s, theoretically, are pretty good right now. Largely this is because of the performance of the starters three times through. Barring injury—big condition, I realize—the starting staff is the best in the AL. There’s none I’d take over it right now. McCarthy has been a revelation, and has pitched better than his ERA. As for the line-up, I feel much, much better about this group than about what we rolled out there game after game last year. And when Bailey and Weurtz come back we will have excellent bullpen depth. I’m pretty high on the team’s possibilities.

Vote in the poll on the left sidebar, and we'll see how we check up next week. Here's to clearer skies.