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Open Thread: Game 16 - A's vs. Tigers

The A’s have yet to lose the last game of any series this season, and they will need for that trend to continue if they are to salvage a split with the Kittens. So far it’s done well for them as they avoided sweeps in their first two sets, and earned themselves series victories in the last two. Now if only the A’s would treat every game like getaway day, they’d be sitting pretty.

Another thing working in the A’s favor today is their good luck charm, the sun. Whenever he makes an appearance, the Green-and-Gold are at their shiniest. After going 35-21 last year with the lights off, the A’s are 4-1 during the day this season.

Trevor Cahill takes the mound for the fourth time this season, while Brad Penny gets the call for Detroit.

SUNDAY SHOUT OUT: My niece Christina and her husband Greg are at the Coliseum with their son Ethan for Little League Day, and they got a chance to converse with Ojos Locos:

Lineups, courtesy of (that's the A's on the right):