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Open Thread: Game 14 - A's vs. Tigers

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Welcome to the most confusing day of the baseball season, as all players, managers and coaches don the number 42 today in honor of Jackie Robinson Day. It makes me glad I'm not an announcer in today's game, but Yay, Jackie Robinson! However, I'm not relishing the role of fan, either, if it means sitting through another offensive performance like last night's. And I watched all nine innings, and literally have nothing at all to say about the game. So we hope for better things. We actually hope for at least one run.

Taking the mound tonight for the A's will be Brandon "I Don't Pitch Like a Fifth Starter" McCarthy, the one with the really, really cool wife (I believe she has tweeted AN before). The Tigers will be sending Cy Young to the mound...(checks notes)...oh, Rick Porcello. Porcello gave up five runs in five innings his last outing; if only, right?

Here are your lineups courtesy of; enjoy the game if you happen to make it to the Coli tonight, and LET'S GO OAK-LAND!