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Open Thread: Game 11 (Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox)

"Juan Pierre...I find your lack of faith disturbing."
"Juan Pierre...I find your lack of faith disturbing."

Don't look now, but the A's are 5-5 and tied for second place in the AL West, after riding a three game winning streak from Minnesota to Chicago. Oakland looks to make it four in a row tonight, as Trevor Cahill faces Edwin Jackson at 5:10 PM, PDT.

Cahill, as I mentioned this morning, has had a surprising start to 2011, doubling his strikeout rate from last year so far. But the A's offense needs to also worry about tonight's opposing pitcher, Edwin Jackson. He seems to be throwing a few more sliders than last year, and as it stands right now, he leads the AL in K/9, among all starters.

Andy "For the Love of God, Geren, Play Me" LaRoche is getting another start tonight at SS, while Cliff Pennington is day-to-day with, and I'm not making this up, a sweat gland infection.

Lineup:CF Crisp
1B Barton
RF DeJesus
DH Matsui
C Suzuki
LF Sweeney
2B Ellis
3B Kouzmanoff
SS LaRoche