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A's Mayke AS Manny Errors As Their Are In This Headline'

Kurt Suzuki sprains his everything to cap off a 5-error suckfest.
Kurt Suzuki sprains his everything to cap off a 5-error suckfest.

Baseballgirl, who was in attendance tonight, will have the real recap if she hasn't jumped off the third deck in anguish.

Pretty close. This game was ugly; there's no getting around it.

Oh, the A's lost 6-2 in losing on Opening Night for the 7th straight season.

The best part of the game was by far seeing all of you awesome ANers at the tailgate and the game. I can't really decide which part of the game was worse; the A's making five (FIVE!!!!!!) errors, the A's barely getting a baserunner after the first inning, Suzuki giving us all a scare, or losing an ugly, ugly game in front of a 35,000+ person crowd.

The game started out promisingly enough; Willingham cracked a home run his first at-bat to endear himself to A's fans everywhere. Sadly, that was easily the extent of the scoring against Felix Hernandez. I have always said that to beat Felix, you have to get to him in the first to innings. The A's did, but Trevor Cahill and his astronomically high pitch count just couldn't stay in the game long enough to match Felix's complete game. Cahill allowed only one run (he walked it in), but he was really wild. Breslow was awful, and Ziggy had the weirdest, most error-filled inning of all time. Bobby Cramer came in to mop up, and he was the best of the bunch. But if they are going to be flat out awful, best to get it over with in one game. And we lost to an ace. We'll try it again tomorrow. 6:05 start.