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Open Thread - ST Game #10: Seattle Custs @ Oakland Godzillas @ Phoenix, AZ


Don't hesitate, hyphenate.

They stood upon the deck
As the ship went out to sea
The wind it took the sails
And left the land a memory

Here is your trusty game thread for today's conflagration betwixt the Seattle Mariners and your Oakland A's... join us as the A's attempt regicide against AL Cy Young hardware-holder Felix Hernandez. I think Trevor Cahill is going for the Athletics but of this I am not 100% certain.

All upon the shore, for
to wonder why the sailor goes
All to close their eyes
and wonder what the sailor knows

I'll be around to post more threads as necessary as the game progresses... and be sure to visit today's Front Page request detailing how you can participate in my upcoming interview with a broadcasting behemoth, the always awesome anchor of the Athletics' airwaves, Ken Korach.

That is you to they
That is where they think you are
Never on the land
But sailing by the
North Star