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A's Drop Another Game To Giants, But No One Cares

From Susan Slusser:

option Ross, Donaldson and Sogard to Sacramento; select LaRoche from Sacramento; reassign Timmons and Carson to minor league camp

Congratulations to Andy LaRoche! We were pulling for you!

Because it's the END OF SPRING TRAINING! ALL THE GAMES COUNT NOW! Am I over-excited much? Anyway, the A's dropped another game to the Giants today by the score of 2-1. Braden went 5+, allowing 5 hits and 2 walks, but no runs. Breslow, Ziegler and Blevins all tuned up in their scoreless innings, and Cramer made another appearance, still fighting for that bullpen position. He allowed both runs. Ellis knocked in the lone run for the A's; they have not been the model of an effective offense this week, but again, no one cares!

The real thing starts tomorrow, and the A's are back on Friday. THIS TIME IT COUNTS!

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